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UNIFORM POLICY Dress Regulations:

Uniform A

  1. light grey slacks *
  2. black blazer
  3. regular white long sleeved shirt**
  4. black shoes
  5. long maroon tie (no pattern)
  6. black socks
* Grey slacks to be purchased and owned by member

** No button down collars

Uniform B

  1. Tuxedo from Tuxedo Junction with studs
  2. Burgundy cummerbund and patterned bow tie
  3. regular collar pleated shirt
  4. black shoes and socks

Uniform C

Same as for B above but with wingtip collared shirt

Uniform D

Same as for B above but with vest and long patterned tie

Uniform E

Same as for B above but with vest and patterned bow tie

Uniform F

  1. Grey slacks
  2. Black casual golf shirt
  3. Black shoes and black socks


  1. Dress shoes are to be worn. No boots or running shoes
  2. Long ties should reach the centre of the belt buckle
  3. Cummerbund pleats face up (to catch the crumbs)
  4. The wings of the wingtip collar are behind the tie but over the neck band
  5. Pants should be hemmed so that they reach the top of the heel of a standard dress shoe. (no cuff) this will give the correct break at the front.
  6. Blazer and tuxedo sleeves should reach the wrist bone, and with the arm at rest, the shirtsleeve should extend one-half inch below the jacket.
  7. It is your responsibility to keep every part of the uniforms cleaned and pressed. It is best to launder your shirts after every performance.

Grey slacks come from Moores Men's Wear. They are the medium grey #2232 34418

Moores will alter their pants for $5.00 per pair, others for $7.00. They ask that the pants are dry cleaned before they will do them—the tags must be on the garment.

When you go to have your pants altered wear the shoes that you would wear with those pants.

Tuxedos come from Tuxedo Junction at the Summit Park Mall , Niagara Falls , New York

Casual Jacket and Casual Black Shirt

Members will be provided with a casual jacket with the NMC logo and the member's name
on the jacket. Members will also be provided with a black casual shirt with the NMC logo.
The chorus will subsidize part of the cost of this item.

When a new member is officially welcomed into the chorus after a 3-month “trial period” and has paid his annual dues (pro-rated if less than a year) he will be outfitted with the following clothing items:

Black Blazer, 3 ties, casual jacket, tuxedo (jackets and pants ), burgundy cummerbund, studs and cuff links for pleated shirts

Approximate outlay by the chorus is $450.00 . New member deposit on uniform is $50.00

When a member is no longer considered to be active** he is expected to return all the clothing items except the grey pants. It is expected that the tuxedo and blazer will be dry cleaned by the former member. A $50.00 refund will then be given.

**A member is no longer considered to be active when he has been absent from 12 or more rehearsals (without explanation) and has not returned to the chorus after a minimum of two contacts from an executive member. A special leave of absence status may be granted to a member by the executive.

Moores Men's Wear:
Niagara Falls (905) 353-0030
St. Catharines (905) 688-4381

Tuxedo Junction:
1725 Military Road (Across from outlet mall)
Niagara Falls N.Y. (716) 297-6152