If you are interested in using the Niagara Men’s Chorus to raise funds for your church, charity or community projects, please contact our president, Tony Jamestee to discuss your group and your project. Tony can be reached at (905) 354-5523 or by E-mail

The Niagara Men’s Chorus, as a contributing member of our community and particularly the performing arts section of the Niagara Region, participate in many fund-raising events over the course of a year. Aside from raising funds for our scholarship program we regularly donate our services to many groups and organizations in the not-for-profit sector of our society.

The Niagara Men's Chorus is pleased to assist community groups, social agencies, Churches and similar organizations in raising funds for their projects. This should be noted when you fill in the application to book the chorus. A member of our music team will call to discuss your project and how The Niagara Men's Chorus can help your organization.